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Email address to the club:

Club manager: Chairman Roy Blom, 070-630 90 73

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The mailbox guarded by Chairman Roy Blom. Here answered all questions about membership and club activities.

Port supervision: Roy Blom
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Guard responsible answers questions relating guard time in the harbor.

Harbour Master: Jonas Eriksson, 072-201 28 03, telephone hours 19-21 Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other time please use email or SMS.
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*** Do you want to book a guest buoy and plan to call after 21:00
*** Call the clubhouse at 08-717 06 49

Harbour Master answers questions related to boats in the sea.

Country manager: Per Dahlberg, 070-518 12 70
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Country manager answers questions related to boats on land.

Klubbholmsvärdar: Alexander Ingels & Ebba Halldin
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Phone number to the club house in the marina: 08-717 06 49

SBK’s giro: 380-0810

Swish: 1232980035

Corporate identity number: 814000-0798

Address: SBK, PO Box 9, 133 21 Saltsjöbaden

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