Guest moorings

Our Yacht club SBK have five mooring facilities in front off the club house, it is located on the right side when you enter in to the bay from Baggensfjaerden. You will see a flag poole (rigg) outside the club house (small red building) when you are near the end of the bay. You will pass a number of boats on mooring bouys. The mooring bouys outside the club house for guests are marked Gäst and they should be marked with green paint. The cost is 250 SEK per day including electricity, toilet, showers and wifi. Alternatively 200 SEK excluding electricity. A maximum stay of two days, if you wish to stay longer please contact the Harbour Master Jonas Näver +46(0)72 201 28 03 or
Instruction on how to pay and the code to the facilities are at the club house. If there are no empty guest moorings please contact the harbour master and he will normally find a solution.

Our harbour is very quiet especially in the evenings and you are well protected from the sea. There are as well facilities to empty the boat holding tank and to top-up the freshwater tank. There is also mast crane if you need to service your rigg.

From the harbour you can walk to Saltsjobadens Centrum in 15-20 minutes, there you will find good supplies of most of your needs, Pharmacy, Iron mongler, Liquer store and supermarkets. There is a bakery 5 minutes walk away, Kringelgården and a restaurant, Handelshuset, at similar distance. You can also walk or take the train to Saltsjöbaden to the Grand Hotel area. There you will find a couple of restaurants, one of them Holmen Kök och bar is open to late and can be very lively. It takes 20 minutes to walk or take the train with only two stops.

You can also take the train from Neglinge station a 5 minute walk. The train to Stockholm takes about 25 minutes. You will reach Slussen, close to the Old town of Stockholm. For the moment there is a connecting bus from Danvikstull to Slussen.